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Geof Fowler begins a temporary internship as an Estimator at Ductile Iron Foundry, Stratford, CT. Temporary turns full time as Geof is promoted to Assistant Plant Manager. Duties include designing risering and gating to ensure casting quality standards are met as well as maintaining metalurgical control.
Leading a much needed plant modernization program, word gets out about the good things happening at DIF. Geof is asked by other foundries to come in as a consultant. One of Geof's clients is The Foundry, Inc. in Hartford, CT, a predominantly manual (labor-intensive) aluminum, bronze. zinc (zamac),
and lead sand cast foundry. Upper management reacts well to Geof's suggestions but on-the-floor operations doesn't buy in does little to implement change.


Geof is invited to join TFI as Partner and Operations Manager. Immediate focus is on organizing a strangely organized shop, implementing continuous improvement practices, adding quality control, and modernizing the foundry operations to include electric melt, pallet line mold handling, and computerization
of operations. Sales are quadrupled and management sights turn to acquisitions, which include Sutherland Foundry in Billerica, MA and Harmony Castings in Harmony, PA. At-the-time, Harmony Casting was one of two American foundries using the Japanese V-Process to manufacture Aluminum Castings.
With many challenges but a much greater growth potential at Harmony, TFI is spun off in 1988. Geof continues on in a consulting role for the next 5 years.


Geof, along with Rifet Hasanbasic (Orange Castings, Orange, MA) form ABC SALES and in quick sucession a number of America's best-run foundries and machine shops ask to be represented. Business quickly expands, exceeding 2 million in sales that first year. Several associate sales engineers are added with the years of casting experience exceeding 100.

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ABC-SALES.COM continues to represent the best manufacturers with terrority coverage in the New England and Atlantic Coast area and case-by-case coverage to the 48 contiguous states, bringing their awsome capabilities and our expertise to discriminating casting buyers. If you have a casting project -- early in the design stage is best -- contact us at the below email address. All modern-day CAD files are acceptable but solid models are preferred (at the tool building stage they will be required). All inquiries are confidential and
will be treated as such. Thank you.

Contact us: info@abc-sales.com